A new baby boy has arrived . Boris Johnson and his partner, Claire are now new parents.
Recently, prime minister Boris Johnson tested positive for coronavirus,  but after receiving thorough medical treatment while in intensive care, he was discharged.
His partner , Claire was heavily pregnant during the time and she has just delivered a bouncing baby boy. 



Congratulations to Boris Johnson and Claire

Boris Johnson was beside his 32-year-old fiancee, Claire Symonds, a communication guru at a NHS hospital.  The healthy baby boy and mum are doing well. 

This is a few days after Boris returned to work after his battle  with coronavirus that led him  in intensive care. 

The couple are  thrilled to announce the arrival of their lovely boy who came two months earlier.  Meaning he is premature but healthy. 
Congratulations to Boris Johnson and Claire Symonds. 

Remember to become  productive during this lockdown. You may leave your congratulatory messages in the comment box below. 

Keep safe and stay at home to save lives. 

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