It gets to that stage in life when you realise that there is no need to depend on anyone else since you have acquired enough qualities that can lead you to your destination. Don’t get me wrong, you need people around you but I mean, you can depend on your judgment and talents except when you require a bit of expert advice, instead of relying on other people to support you. Though you might possibly face challenges and hurdles of disappointments, or problems, that might come along the way, it doesn’t mean that you will not excel.

You shouldn’t give up on yourself under any circumstances, rather forge ahead and be determined enough. At times, some people are forced to seek assistance from others thinking those people might be able to lift them out of turmoils, not knowing that those people might be battling with some issues too. Every human being has one issue or problem to resolve, so do not think you are alone. 


How can you make it alone with your resources without depending on others for help or support?

  1. Firstly, write down all your qualities and talents, to be able to know how to you can explore each of them
  2. Adorn your curriculum vitae, profile, or a portfolio, which is good enough to present for extra work since you will need extra work or contract to support yourself during challenging times
  3. Don’t give up on yourself if the task or project is onerous, be self-motivated and go through a self-development training scheme or programme
  4. Get used to online interactions and promotions where you sell your business and services which should fetch you enough
  5. Understand that every successful person has gone through problems in the past. Read about situation and success
  6. Try getting involved in collaborations and networking where people of synonymous ideas can relate to you and work with you. There you can meet new people who can promote your services just like you share there’s as well. Try to understand what to do when you are fed up with a certain project or situation.
  7. You can try reading blogs like this; how to turn your life around for better, books, classes and joining positive groups.


Some people you seek help from might be battling with their own problems

Long-time ago, I thought I was the only one who had issues until I re-developed myself and began to mix with a more positive network full of outstanding personalities/people who sometimes have more issues than me.

Sometimes, if you knock on my door for assistance and I’m not forthcoming at that time, believe my words because that might be the time I’m sorting my own issues out. Candidly, I am one of those few people who feel elated anytime I’m able to help or assist, it doesn’t matter if you are even a stranger or not. Forget that someone is a leader or a famous person in your country, group, religious circle or community, they all have one issue or two.

We all handle life differently, while one issue is lesser or mightier than the other. I hope we can be helpful to those right people who genuinely need our help. 

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