I am sure some of us will like to know more about their hidden talents which they are yet to explore. If you would like to know more about that talent which you haven’t been able to tap into, this article is for you! Yes, it is time to know more about your rare talent/s. Something which will please you especially when you start counting extra cash…….who doesn’t like extra cash? You will have a focus and the indomitable spirit, not a lazy attitude.

Let me say this honestly, I am certain that at least more than two or three people would have said something good about you apart from seeing your faults. You know what I mean, don’t you?  A compliment, I mean. Make time to speak to friends and family about something you are good at, without looking at your faults, that is your talent. When few people keep pointing on the same good thing about you, that’s talent there! Give it a try. Smiles.


What do you do once you discover your talents?

Remember that your talent is that special gift, or natural capacity, natural ability or natural endowment which we have.No talent is wasted according to me. Once you discover your talent, start putting it into practice until you begin to motivate others. You might even turn it to your expertise where you sell ideas or put your talent into practice depending on the range. Talents can range from various abilities in hospitality, creativity or athletic.


How to discover your talents

1, Concentrate on things you enjoy most: There must be some things you enjoy doing without noticing. For example, when you make yourself a cup of tea each morning, you might pack used tea bags in a tray after counting each before you empty the tray. You are meticulous, that’s a talent. You enjoy counting, you are orderly, focused and accept life as being bearable.

2, Things which others see as difficult is very easy for you: Some things some people struggle with isn’t a big deal to you each time you touch it, is surely your talent. For example, you run 12 miles after dinner without feeling aches but experts in your group complain each time, clearly shows that you are good at running. That’s your talent.

3, Things that people say about you most: Let me use myself as an example, the honest truth is this, I cannot count how many men and women have commended me about my lovely voice. But two things I usually heard when I was growing up were to do with how I made people laugh, and also, talking a lot. Today, I am an award-winning talk show host who puts slight jokes in a discussion if necessary, and I am a voice-over artist. Ask people to tell you good things they see you doing most. that’s your talent there! 

Discover your talent and monetize it!


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