When you decide to start a business or project, there are some specific steps to follow so that you will not fail woefully. A lot of people will tell you that there is always that time in life when you need to understand that after each fall, you need to rise firmly by holding the spirit of the grit and determination.

in fact, you need to rise so well that you can understand the importance of remaining focused and exceptionally ready. When some people try so hard to win but avoid to fail severally to the extent that they become fed up, that’s when you will see them losing hope or grip, but the question is this, are they fed because of their lazy attitude or due to the fact that they have overstretched their resources and power? Not everyone who cannot win a project or goal is lazy.





How to differentiate between ‘I am fed up’ and ‘I have tried my best’? 

You can’t give up easily on the goals that you have a passion for each time you get tired or feel unhappy with turmoils and hurdles of challenges. Every business person who shares a success story today had once faced challenges but they forged ahead until they won.  If it was that easy to just leave our job or business, then half of the people in the world would do that.

Three of the reasons for not giving up easily are due to the fact that we have a focus on sorting out our responsibilities, paying our bills, and putting a meal on the table. When you are fed up, follow steps to solve problems and also, read this blog on how to turn a sad situation to positive. Take a break before you start again. It is okay to be fed up sometimes, but many people revisit the business, project, or job and complete it. 

When you are fed up, you will keep making mistakes and getting bored by every bit of that project. You will have the intention of finishing the project but not the determination and motivational spirit. Don’t give up, just look at a different strategic pattern to execute it and continue

Getting fed up is different from, I have tried my best, read on, please.


Now, when do you know that you have tried your best?

You have tried your best means, your innovative ideas are no more working, you will begin to see your best as inane whenever it keeps failing for that specific project. It means all your support and resources are overstretched, leaving you to see that you have eventually satisfied yourself by saying; this project is impervious to success. It doesn’t make you a failure, it only means a divergence of a new plan is needed since you have had enough of that suppressive project. You cannot do any better!

Whatever you do, try not to be stressed out, try to take your state of mind into consideration, as you need to be in the right state of mind without negative thoughts. 

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