In Nigeria, a medical family – doctor connived with a husband to remove his wife’s womb without her knowledge

What do you say about this hideous act, since that’s the best description I can give? A man planned with his family doctor to discreetly remove his wife’s womb after his wife has given birth to five children.  My question is simple; why couldn’t he do the snip or vasectomy? Why couldn’t he do the male sterilisation which will prevent his sperm from permanently preventing pregnancy?

Can you trust such a husband or partner again? Who is to be blamed? This happened in Nigeria where a multitude of professional doctors, senior practitioners, and medical experts are daily practicing competently. Sadly, some doctors are incompetent and heartless, just like that doctor who couldn’t sit them (the couple) down to explain the complications and danger, in case anything goes wrong.  








Who is to be blamed?

In such a delicate and painful situation, it is not difficult to point out that the doctor and the husband are both to be blamed, especially the doctor who went ahead to succumb to the man’s dark wishes. The most painful thing is the flimsy excuse from the husband; which he says, the wife is overwhelming him with enormous responsibilities and after five children, she has had enough children. He went on to say, she doesn’t need her womb again. Since when has a woman lost the right to her own body and organs? It is very unfortunate because she could have died!

Be careful who you trust as a partner, spouse or medical doctor.

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