May I ask you this; are you one of those hard-working people who hasn’t been appreciated or rewarded for good work or contribution to the community, group, gathering, team or workplace yet? Then read this article for more illuminating points.
Let us remind each other that we do have a lot of people who fake everything about themselves, leaving a lot of doubts about their utterances and behaviour. They are fake people! Don’t allow them to put you down or reduce your self-esteem because you are better than them. They make you feel guilty sometimes as if you are not doing enough. 


We sometimes see bright faces but they aren’t happy behind the closed doors

You aren’t losing much because it’s not always as bright for many people as you think. We see bright faces but not what’s happening behind the scene. We see shinning gears but not the state of mind or situation. A lot of people fake it these days, while some people genuinely refuse to reveal all their worrying situations so that the public will have no idea, which is understandable (Not fake life which is wrong)!. The point is this, try not to allow what you see, hear or watch, kill your own dreams. You might be doing better than certain people without you realising,

It doesn’t reduce your class or kill your dream if some people refuse to acknowledge you

Sometimes, you might feel left out if those you call your friends or associates refuse to acknowledge you or find you worthy to be rewarded or awarded for your good work but what it means is that it helps you realise who your true friends are, while it increases your incentive to move forward. Only you can realise your worth more than others, which is the reason why you must work hard enough relentlessly to achieve your goals, knowing the right set of people will appreciate, reward and acknowledge you. At the same time, you will impact the lives of those who deserve it. Don’t feel let down or dismayed, just keep moving forward happily.

Focus on you!



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