Tragedies and experiences of life might lead to distrust.

It took me many years before I understood that you alone must make any decision concerning your life, especially the one that will leave a lifetime impact. I don’t think anyone can decide how you live in life but if you are incapable of making that decision due to age or illness, then that is a different issue. I personally, do not trust everyone for some reasons, like my experiences, tragedies, and disappointments in life. If you would like to know some reasons why some people hurt others, click.






Why don’t I trust many people today?

You see, in life, I have trusted friends so much to the extent that I believed every word from friends’ mouth back then. Unfortunately, more than half of them were betrayals. That made me a tougher woman who chooses wisely today, without trusting some people. In fact, many times I have experienced different things that made me a wiser and careful person. Hardly, do I believe everyone who says; ‘I love you’, knowing that such a person can go behind your back and mock you or set you up. If you go on social media today, you will be flabbergasted with toxic comments from so-called friends who threaten each other by exposing voice notes or videos. Some expose intimate time or sessions with their exes just to hurt them. That is one of the reasons why I alone decide which clique I entwine with.


When the doctor said he only had a few months to live, I began to see people and life differently!

When you have lost a loved one suddenly in the past, a lot of things changes. You will begin to see some people and their true colours to the extent that you can’t trust deeply like before. That’s because a lot of those you call your friends might turn out to be betrayals or users. Imagine the pain one goes through if his or her loved one has a few months to live? Wouldn’t such a person turn away from irrelevant people? Especially, those who claim to love you for their own gain? The biggest reason why I don’t trust many people is that people do change! Let me give you an example; one night, my mum and dad sat in my living room when I came back from work, and broke a piece of sad news to me. It was a piece of scary news to me, very scary. Immediately I parked my car that night,  I walked to the door, and my expectation was far from what I met on ground. Dad asked my mum to inform me of the doctor’s conclusion.  In fact, the first statement was that dad’s prostate cancer has spread, so I thought it was just mare stuff (I had no knowledge of cancer back then). The minute dad and mum broke the sad news to me, I became bolder and conscious of life and people. After my dad’s death, where are all those dozens of people who showed loved to him and mum while he was alive? Where are those who promised mum, that she will not be left alone? Do you see why you need to make yourself happy and surround yourself with good people who will make you happy and not the negative ones? On Facebook, I have lost some people who used to laugh and comment on my posts. After a few months, they are forgotten. You see, when you are still relevant, it means there are few things people gain from you, but when you have a big problem like financial, health or relationship, those people will reduce in numbers or turn away completely. Immediately the person dies, that is the end. That is another reason why I do not make myself available to everyone, especially some type of people who only pretend to love you for their selfish gains. For the fact that there is a tendency of changes in people’s characters, I tend not to trust everyone. Those you trust deeply can change anytime. Sometimes, you may just decide to believe someone, rather than trust such a person, in case the person changes character.

Do you know how much it pains people to lose their loved ones especially those who never expected such tragedy? You can never be prepared for the death of your loved one. So be watchful and don’t fall a victim to fake people.  Life and people!


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