Rarely do we hear about those who say, they don’t enjoy sex. But mostly, it is such a fulfilling experience which I personally cannot deny. smiles. Making love is sensuous where a couple sensuously and sexually enjoys each other. It involves the private sexual package if you get my point. Such an act is quite healthy. You need to play safe if you are not certain of your partner’s sexual history. Try a condom or speak to your doctor about tests that will give you answers. Let me add that as time goes by, age comes in, which makes your body to start declining. Some men experience erectile dysfunction or impotence, while some women experience dryness down there which leads to tears and pain. There might be sexual problems if a man or woman is experiencing such declination!  Seek your doctor’s advice, please. I believe there are other ways to please each other.
Don’t forget the eight benefits of healthy sex!


How to have a better sex life

The first thing you do is to educate yourself on sex and understanding more about its in-depth.  There are books to read or videos to watch. It is imperative to learn how your partner or spouse prefers to be touched or kissed or even what sex positions he or she prefers. Exercise frequently to help you with different styles. Some partners like certain styles to give them maximum satisfaction, so why not try it. Practice makes perfect. Try to be patient and relax. Always have Gel handy so that it adds more pleasure to sex. Enjoy copulation and enjoy all the trimmings! 

Let me know if you have any addition to giving a better sex life. Remember good sex is healthy. 


Having good sex

The first thing you need to do is to be confident of yourself. Can you smoothly turn your partner or spouse on? It all starts with nice words at the right time, appreciating each other, soft touches, smooth kisses on the right spot and all over until you both are ready to experience good sex. That’s when the action begins. Then intimate pulsation between you two occurs. It’s important to know what your partner enjoys but men, please take it easy and follow the woman’s instruction while at IT. This appears to those women who will say, I have had enough once they are satisfied. Give your man the chance to be satisfied as well, that way, both of you can feel fulfilled and pleased! 

Sometimes, you will need to apply some gel when the woman is dry, or for other reasons known to you both.


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