Sex and Facebook

What do you say about those who meet on Facebook and decide they prefer; ‘Sex and Facebook’ style of relationship?

 I invented ‘SEX AND FACEBOOK method of relationship’! Well, since they meet on Facebook and end up having sex without any serious relationship, it’s sex and Facebook style.

When you log on Facebook, you see lovely photos for a start, not their real character!

Would you have sex with a date you met on Facebook, or wait for a year?

Many people these days would prefer to mingle with new faces on social media like Facebook, believing the new potential man or woman might be better than their previous lovers. Does it work out after a few meetings or not? Do you believe they have sex too quickly without knowing what they are going into or without studying each other? 

For instance, I have met some people who said, many people on Facebook are pretenders who only want to sleep with any person who falls for their lies. Mostly, don’t forget that not all that glitters appears to be gold. Meaning there are scammers, bullies, and liars at large today, so you must be careful who you trust on Facebook especially.  A lot of men who exhibit their status as single, might not truly be single. Unfortunately, they have demonised this social media tool of interaction and turned it to a ‘sex place’ where they pick up any girl who falls for their lies. On the other hand, I am glad to announce that few couples sent me wedding invitations and some, five years wedding anniversary invitations to appreciate love which started on Facebook. It doesn’t mean Facebook is a wrong place to find love, it means you must be cautious and focused. 


Sex and Facebook

Tinu discuss sex and Facebook


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