What difference does it make when you choose when it is right for sex with your new partner?  


That depends on both parties involved, but don’t forget that we do not think or act synchronously. 

Some men/women out there will be so clever and courteous to use their sugarcoated mouth to attract the opposite gender just for one thing(SEX)! This sweetens the primary stage of a relationship but, once they walk through that ‘GREEN LIGHT’, that’s it… They put on their real attitude which might surprise you.

Their attitude and approach can turn sour!

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I notice that when men/women get to know each other personally within a few days or weeks or even months, some blame the woman for been ‘CHEAP’. The next thing you hear is, that’s the way she offers IT too quickly.  Why did you take IT then?? Both of you are to be blamed because it takes two to tango. If you as a man do not want a woman to offer herself to you earlier than expected, keep your trousers zipped! You asked her quickly, makes you cheap as well. Sometimes, it’s not how long but how well. Matured men and women do not give injurious comments after they had a good time together (sex). No. If it works out well or not, all well and good. You learn from your mistakes.

When is the right time? A day, weeks or months or even a year?

Don’t you think it depends on both parties and when they feel comfortable with their inner request?

That shouldn’t be the preliminary stage, it should happen last. I mean SEX.

Sex either strengthens the relationship or destroys it? What is your opinion and when is the right time to get that personal with your new partner?