Child exploitation and modern-day slavery are on the rise today. Some of the main reasons why African countries are targeted is due to poverty, political, social and economic injustices. For example, it is on the rise in Europe but we do have some human rights bodies who are working with the police. this will be a way forward if all African countries and authorities of foreign countries where victims are trafficked, can work together to combat modern-day slavery! Help a victim of trafficking.      



How do we listen to the voiceless voices of Africans used as sex slaves and slaves?

When we hear of Saudi Arabia for instance, we think of the luxurious lifestyle a lot of people live over there but do we even stop for once to listen to cries of our people who are dying in silence or who have already died? There was a lady who secretly recorded her experience in Kuwait as a slave who rests for less than five hours a day. I have been tracing that connection to see how to help. A couple of weeks ago, a young lady posted proof of her torn clothes, bruises, and pains she has been experiencing over there in  Saudi Arabia but sadly her body was found later. 


A victim claimed that many Arabs see black girls as sex objects and so many Nigerians have been killed without a trace!

An Arab man proudly exhibited a Nigerian man as his dog for sale claiming he has castrated the man. On my way to a meeting the other day, I felt teary just imagining these people’s pains plus pains of poor people suffering in the hands of bad leaders in Africa. Imagine, you rendered a healthy man impotent and sexually useless just to use him mentally and abuse him sexually? That is cruelty. He displayed the man openly in his video on Facebook! Heartbreaking. A lot of horrendous situations happens to Nigerians abroad where girls are forced to take part in abhorrent sexual acts and many male and female Nigerians are murdered. What are the authorities of Saudi Arabi, Nigeria, and other countries doing? The worse the situation for some maids or slaves is where employees harvest their organs or murder them. They seize their passports on arrival. 

A 24-year-old girl was introduced to prostitution the first day she arrived in Dubai. As a poor Ethiopian who has her family impoverishing, she jumped to the job. Is this what these people need? 

Click here if you are a victim, you know a victim, or you wish to know more about helping victims. shelter for victims of trafficking or assault.


Activists, human rights, body, peaceful protesters, United Nations, African Union and all well-wishers around the globe, please work with us! 

Those people who are taken as slaves in countries like Saudi Arabi, Oman, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Libya, Malaysia, Kuwait, and other countries need us now. There are videos to prove that Africans, especially Nigerians, and Ghanaians are raped, physically, sexually and mentally assaulted by their employers who sometimes pass them around for sexual assault. Some of them are asked to clean and wash for hours without pay. Imagine such abhorrence? As I am typing this message, some are tied with chains like animals over mistakes or inexperience. They got the job through traffickers who pretend to be agents in their countries, after promising to help them with their travelling documents as nannies abroad, they send them off to a death trap. I, Tinu, will never personally keep shtum while human beings like me suffer like untamed animals. What can we all do? I am using my voice and knowledge to share this information. Please share until every one of them is saved. Morden day slavery is alarmingly rising today! #tinutinoshow Tinu Odunuga.


Links to relevant stories and videos

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Stories from victims of trafficking and modern-day slavery

A Story of a woman and a victim Audio and story!

A 22-year-old Nigerian tells her story as a slave in Oman


My little advice

Don’t ever accept jobs in a strange country, especially the jobs you are not sure of. Some agencies are posting jobs online or do have their offices in your country, please investigate thoroughly if unsure. When anyone asks you to surrender your passport, refuse to, and always have enough credit on your phone to alert the right person who can help you. That’s my piece of advice. Please, be save!






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