Why did Tonto Dikeh, a popularly known Nigerian actress, philanthropist, and a singer express herself regarding her ex-husband’s 40 seconds poor sex performance? Why is she been insulted for expressing her anger over unsatisfied sexual life she experienced while she was married to him? I believe one thing or the other would have led to both of them spewing private secrets about each other which is not maturely presented. It was a problem in the marriage which should have been resolved.



An active woman deserves good sex

Every active woman needs good sex frequently enough in a way to keep them focused. The benefits of good sex are enough to keep one fixed to responsibilities and duties squarely without habouring any negative thought. Poor sex is almost similar to the rejection of sex. This should be the time for Olakunle Churchill to seek medical advice and treatment on how to please a woman sexually. That’s if Tonto is sincere with her allegations or story. Though, it would have been better if both of them kept their secrets away from the public who will only mock them. 


Causes of premature ejaculation and treatment

Premature ejaculation (PE), is almost like rejection where the man refuses to touch the woman sexually because it will leave the same unhappy feelings. Why did I say that? Any unsatisfied woman will be angry if she is rejected or not sexually satisfied.  You see, it is candidly understandable if the man is going through health issues which might prevent him from performing well. But how about those egoistic men who go out to boast about being strong in the bedroom instead of getting themselves treated?  For those men suffering from PE, try to take your case to the doctor. A friend and I referred to it as ‘One minute. Com’ years ago! It is nothing to laugh about since the man suffering from it will not be happy. Stress, depression, performance related-anxiety, and despondency are some of the main causes. Be happy and believe you will get over it happily by following your doctor’s orders.

Treatments include

Behavioural techniques: Where you will try new things like changing maladaptive behavioural patterns. This might work for both of you.

Counselling: Counselling will detect the cause once you talk to your therapist or counsellor who will advise you better on how to address the problem.

Medications will also help: Some medications include tablets or capsules. You might also speak to your doctor about anesthetic creams or sprays which is used on the manhood a few minutes before sex. 

My advice to women; please try to understand your man instead of mocking or condemning him. Work together with him until you are both pleased.


You don’t need to insult Tonto Dikeh

For those men who are insulting Tonto Dikeh because she is complaining about 40 seconds poor sex from her ex-husband, do you know how hurtful it is? It’s better to improve on the ejaculatory problem than showing off a fast car or mansion. It’s a No No! Meanwhile, they should have kept it behind the closed doors. Sex problem, rejection or infidelity might break a home or relationship before the financial problem. That’s why a rich woman sometimes cheats with any strong man who isn’t as wealthy as the main man in her life, though it is wrong. A lot of active women prefers a strong man! It’s like a strong man with an active libido, who will prefer a woman to match that! Good sex cannot be bought with cash. See your doctor if you are suffering from PE (premature ejaculation).



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