When people talk about sex these days, some make it sound like an abomination or a filthy word. Whereas, sex is for those within consenting age regardless of tribe, race, creed, colour or status to embrace and explore. When you have sex with your partner or spouse, the feelings become unimaginable and fulfilling! Yep, it leaves you relaxed, fulfilled and happy. Good smell and cleanliness are both imperative factors that add more sweetness to good sex. Isn’t it nice to wrap your arms around your partner/spouse kissing passionately until you find yourself feeling so pleasured?






How many times a week should you have sex with your partner or spouse?

That’s a tricky one there isn’t it? Apparently, I will say, who is counting, let’s just be happy! Some issues need to be taken into consideration though, like health, mood, and state of mind. It also depends on both parties involved. If one of them is under the weather or feeling poorly for instance, then it will be better to look after her or him rather than asking or demanding for sex. Sex can wait till both of you are happy to savour like a glass of mature wine. 


What are the benefits of good sex?

Personally, I don’t think there’s any sweetness close to the feeling you can derive from good sex. Healthwise, it makes you feel fit and focused. Rejection, on the other hand, will leave you depressed and low but the minute you have sex, it reverts your mind to a happy one. It facilitates bonding of feelings and intimacy between you and your partner or spouse. Medically, it has been proven that sex can reduce the risks of heart attacks and cancer. 


Eight medical and other benefits listed below

  1.  Sex reduces anxiety
  2. Sex keeps you warm
  3. Sex makes you happy
  4. Sex leaves you fulfilled
  5. Sex reduces risks of heart attacks and cancer
  6. Sex leaves you feeling satiny
  7. Sex boosts overall good health
  8. Sex helps keep your testosterone and estrogen levels in balance
  9. Sex is a good way to raise your heart rate

Sex is just good for you. It is good to have good sex, do you enjoy yours or do you need more advice?

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