Is sexual rejection a reason for an extramarital affair?

How sexual rejection push some people to cheat


The worst trauma any person in love can face is sexual rejection which reduces self-esteem and causes sadness.

Sometimes some people ask us to post or air their stories for various reasons. Not long ago, a married man with grown-up boys said, he is fed up with sexual rejection he gets from his wife. That word ‘rejection’ really hurts if you have experienced it before. Only a few people can cope with it. Going to bed each night with a partner or spouse that rejects you for over seven months is like hell according to this man who said, after seven months, he couldn’t handle it anymore. His way out was seeing another woman who satisfies him better (Not the best). He said, his marriage of twenty-nine years was almost over but since he has an active mistress out there, he doesn’t care if his wife talks to him or not. My advice for him was to sit with a counselor and listen to his wife but he said it has passed that stage. Women, do not reject your man, talk to him, cosset him, draw him near and love him. 

Regarding this lady who asked me to post her story, I will call her Melissa here for privacy reason, She said, she will either divorce her husband or cheat on him because he is getting used to not putting his arms around her at all for many years now talk less of kisses. Melissa tearfully narrated how he doesn’t see anything wrong in rejection. She said he is now suffering from Erectile Dysfunction after putting her through rejection of two years while he was still active. What can she do? 



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