Death penalty for those found guilty of hate speech
In 2017, the last senate failed to achieve this bill (death penalty for people found guilty of hate speech) following backlash from many concerned Nigerians in Nigeria. The bill is sponsored by the senate’s deputy chief whip, Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi who is adamant by making sure many angry Nigerians who are extravagant with words, are gagged. Especially those who threaten the government and leaders with their negative or unprintable utterances.
The reason why angry Nigerians are against many activities of the leaders today is the fact that it looks like Nigeria is dying compared to retrospective years of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. 

Can you imagine that the lawmaker has proposed the bill of the death penalty for those found guilty of hate speech? Although media houses believe that the bill might not be evident at present, the death penalty is maintained. This means that Nigeria is now the second African nation to drastically emphasise on hate speech within a month after Ethiopia’s cabinet accepted synonymous legislation which was sent to lawmakers for a final agreement.

Priorities are evaded

The leaders and presidents in Africa need to create opportunities for unemployed people, revamp government hospitals for the sake of populous communities, invest in schools, healthcare, security, and enhance leadership skills of the leaders in power. They need development and self-motivation skills which will enable the smooth running of every country in Africa as a continent. This will subdue poverty. 

President Buhari and his team should rather focus on creating jobs for young people who are jobless and dismayed, empower young people who are talented, create opportunities for unemployed people,  invest in the health system, to make sure each government hospital is equipped (some government hospitals lack medical equipment, sanitation, and clean loo), and above all, to prioritise the safety of lives.


Nigeria and the situation today

There’s almost zilch selflessness attitude from many leaders in Nigeria, talkless of many frustrated people living in Nigeria.  Nigerians will continue to express themselves, gagging them will only lead to losing grip and credibility. 

Remember, if they were gagged during the campaign for President Buhari’s re-election, he wouldn’t be on that seat today. What is that distinctive evidence to prove that Nigeria is growing since the day of independence? 

The same Omoyele Sowore you locked away was also one of those who advocated for your reelection which he is severely regretting today.

Senators, why not pass a law to obliterate morbid killings and kidnappings of innocent Nigerians not to gag them for being expressive. I am against name-calling or threats but not against the truth.  Nigerians are human beings,  allow them to freely express themselves. They need to be happy and feel free. Your focus should not be emphasised on angry people who complain out of frustration and hunger, but rather focus on how to leave a blueprint! It is unfortunate, the magnitude of Nigerians are pushed to a sombre corner where they suffer in silence.

Nigerians, what do you think about the maintained death penalty by hanging for persons guilty of hate speech?  A law that is directed to those who post hate speech about poor governance?
I believe some people do deliberately try to intimidate innocent citizens by trying to quell their voices once they are in the opposition but what about those angry people who have good intentions? 
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