Corrupt Nigerian politicians should be held responsible for the abhorrent behaviour of those young people there. Let me attach this link here with enough relevant information

They send them out to attack their political opponents or rivals, and these monstrous actions strengthen those boys and girls to become armed robbers and kidnappers. Offa robbery is an example. They pay them to insult and bully any positive critic on social or off, regardless if they are old enough to be their parents. Such politicians do have their children in private 5star places or countries but young people are their targets instead of empowering them and creating job opportunities for them. A lot of religious leaders are also the same. Look at the state these lots reduced Nigeria to? The majority are hungry! Let’s work on those young people positively, they need us, please. Imagine the way these politicians/leaders are all messing up today, if they do not fight dirty ripping each other’s clothes off in the house of assembly or senate, they will pretend they are dying on stretchers when they are charged to court for a crime they committed. Where did these guys crop up from? Parents, draw your children closer, far away from tainted leaders who might discard them after using. Click the link below for audio in regard. 

Young people are talented, nurture and empower them. Click audio below.


Be courteous with good mannerisms

Stop name calling, attacks, and crimes if you want to become reputable like Emmanuel Macron of France and Sebastian Kurz of Austria. Both of them are reputable young presidents. They were never hired by corrupt politicians or corrupt religious leaders who go out to attack political opponents for politicians or critics of corrupt religious leaders. You have your lives to live, live it well and fulfilling because being pests, criminals, bullies, and threats will never lead well. Get empowered, educated and productive in life.

Read the blog below on how to get empowered and successful.


That is my view. You may bring your suggestions too, please? #tinutinoshow

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