There are ways to please our partner or spouse but not necessarily a specific sequence, though whatever method we prefer, it will be great if and when efforts are not ignored but appreciated. Problems can crop up if your sweet efforts are not appreciated or not noticed.

We are not perfect but we can improvise kind and soothing patterns to please our partner or spouse

Before thinking of types of patterns that can add sweetness to a relationship that will not lead to heartbreak, both parties would need to understand each other perfectly regardless of situations or off/on disagreement that happens to every happy couple.  If anyone tells you that they do not disagree with each other in their relationship or marriage, it will be rare or fibs. You disagree to agree!


My understanding of methods that seems clear and soothing

There must be unity, understanding, appreciation, romance, intimacy, copulation, agreement and communication between couples. In that case, it is normal to be free with each other without any specific pattern, all depends on both parties. As long as you love each other, you are affable, you feel free and you are happy. 
  • When you wish to express yourself truthfully, make sure your spouse or partner is in the right mood to listen and understand you. Not nice to brush any issue under the carpet. It culminates in disagreement or mistrust later.
  • Accumulation of unsettled disputes or disagreements doesn’t lead well. Draw your spouse nearer and play sensuously.
  • Try to improvise occasionally.
  • Be receptive to each other and don’t be shy to discuss sentimental issues. Satisfy your spouse sexually and make him or her happy………it builds your relationship and not give space for infidelity! 
  • Feel free to explore without barriers.
  • Never reject or push your spouse or partner aside. Don’t! Rejection can kill one’s love faster than you think. If it is a health problem or depression, or stress which sometimes leads to rejection if not tackled, discuss sincerely and solve this.
  • Cleanliness is imperative, try to remain clean and happy.

Our behavioural pattern in a relationship or marriage really matters most, this means we need to be considerate and tolerant. Bear in mind that sometimes, it is not that easy due to stress at work or outing, but we have a talk later with our partner considering this.

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