Life, people, attitude, can be unexplainable and obscure sometimes that some people might end up with wrong partners due to some reasons which will be stated below. 
Sometimes, you meet someone who ticks almost all the boxes you need but before the day runs out, you will regret meeting the person. Sometimes, someone might meet that same person you didn’t glue with, and find out that such a person turns out to be the love of their life whom they have been expecting. Do you see life?

Why do some people end up with the wrong choice of partner or spouse who never makes them happy?

It is right to control our feelings at times so that we will remain abreast of situations.

Firstly, I don’t think it is fair to blame the feelings some people have for their choices because feelings can sometimes affect our sense of reasonings and emotions. Love is very delicate, we don’t plan it, it just flows in and sensuously overpowers our mind. Such love wraps around feelings and emotions. For example, some people might misplace their priorities by not getting their priorities or need rightly. When you decide to choose someone off Facebook who poses for a picture in front of a car, mansion and holding bales of cash, what do you expect? After a few meetings or outings, there’s a possibility that such a person will only have Facebook sex with you before showing you the true colour. 



Secondly, you might have had your heartbroken previously, where you now plan never to tread on such a painful lane or you plan to avoid any reiteration but before you know it, the partner who once showed you love might now begin to unveil a different personality where there’s abuse, infidelity, or deception. In such a case, you will eventually exonerate yourself for the sake of sanity. That is another reason why some people only realise that they made a mistake by loving the wrong person or had feelings for the wrong person. 

It might sometimes even take decades or less before some people finally take charge of controlling their feelings. While you still have firm feelings, emotions, and love for someone, it is hard to discord that abruptly sometimes.

Reasons why some people have feelings for the wrong choice of partner or spouse

  • Making the wrong judgment over materialistic things which fades away; a lot of people like good things, including myself but it is not the best to jump into conclusion or judge quickly over face-value without proper checking. 
  • Misplacing your priorities; where you are not careful or watchful before jumping into a relationship, you might find it hard if you do not check the reasons why you made your choice in the first place.  This needs to be re-addressed. Ask yourself, who are you, what have you got to offer and who deserves you? Take into consideration that you need to know what you deserve and who you deserve. What are your priorities and expectations?
  • It is great to be focused on what you need in life first before making a strong decision which might affect your future drastically. Once you are ready, try to investigate deeply, so you do not end up with someone in the darkroom. You have the right to be happy, don’t allow your feelings to overcloud your sense of reasonings.
  • Think deeply; you need to be focused with great concentration on expectations. Do not expect too much and think twice before saying yes. Your wellbeing and mental state of mind need to be addressed. 

Finally, we get to know more about different people in life, but is it easy to control your feelings or who you fall in love with? The way you think affects your feelings so always think ahead and understand what you want. This will help you avoid having romantic feelings for the wrong person. Your thinking can dictate your feelings about issues, someone, or situations! For example, if you are with a partner who always acts on impulse, who is slow at everything, or forget things easily, do you know that the day you realise that your partner is suffering from mental illness causing such symptoms,  that will be the day, you feel sorry for not understanding your partner? Your feelings change from there if you love your partner.

When people ask me about feelings, I sometimes diplomatically avoid it. You must control your head and open your eyes to what makes you happy not what brings tears to you mostly. Take control of your situation maturely and be happy. You will be surprised that when you cry over one woman or man, a better one is awaiting your attention. Don’t be blinded. 

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