We have the right to make any decision, but do we always end up making the best decision? There’s no point in trusting someone you haven’t seen for decades or someone you meet for the first time or someone you met online. There isn’t much difference. You will need to learn and study that person clearly, otherwise, it’s like walking into a dark room with a stranger. 


Walk away from a stranger in the darkroom!

Who is that stranger in the darkroom? A stranger is that person you have no knowledge of their intentions, need or life history. Someone whom you are not familiar with. That stranger might be a spouse or partner who turned away from you decades ago (a lot would have changed). He or she might be someone you met online or someone you meet for the first time. That stranger might be a new person you have no knowledge of, but the reason why an old school friend or ex-partner might be a stranger varies since you have no clue what the person has become! Would you walk into a dark room with someone you meet for the first time at a gas station or on the street at night? An old friend or ex-partner might have turned monstrous, without you knowing or a nasty behaved person in the past might have redeveloped and enhanced himself or herself. The point is that you have to know the person very well before trusting them, otherwise, it will be like walking in the darkroom with a stranger. It is like a spartan life!





How to know a genuine friend from a stranger

Someone you meet for the first time or someone you haven’t seen for decades should be treated like a stranger who you wish to know more about (not all of them are bad). If that is the case, you will need to relax and take things very slowly while you remain vigilant. Yes, be vigilant, attentive and observant. Who is that person? What does he or she believe in and what is the main intention? Try to Google more about the person’s background through a reputable mutual friend whom you trust off, and online then ask questions that generate an accurate answer. Ask questions and do searches too. As time goes on, you will feel comfortable only if you are certain you know the person’s intention. Don’t switch off the light until then. Smiles.


Some new people or strangers might be better than fake friends

Although we hear different stories today about some strangers turning monstrous, we can’t hide the fact that some friends are so devilish too. In fact, those you trust might turn out worse, so be appreciative of good Friends are who are hard to come by today.  To be honest, not all friends are good friends to you, you need to choose your friends carefully and read this self-help on how to make a wise decision

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