Who can raise his or her hands up and say, I do not make mistakes? That might be a bit difficult as we all make mistakes now and again, though we might be smarter than others or others might be smarter than us. We still make mistakes, it is wise to move forward from those mistakes. 

When we make plans, we believe the result will be both rewarding and appealing, until we make a mistake which prevents the execution of such a plan. For the fact that some people are more emotional than others, that makes it a tougher problem for some people to handle. especially, in a situation where a lot of money might have gone through the drain. They need to learn more about how to turn challenges into a better situation.




Why do we make mistakes?

I don’t know what prompts us to make a mistake more than once or twice, but in the end, I personally do learn from a harsh one. Not happy to make a mistake, though it strengthens me whenever I learn from it. 

Don’t forget that we are humans who are prone to make mistakes because it is natural not to do certain things perfectly or accurately. Once we realise that, we can try our best to get it sorted. Don’t beat yourself or wallow in self- pity when you make a mistake, just rise and rebuild yourself so that you can revisit that project until you win.


How to avoid making the same mistakes and learning from them?

Firstly, I would be candid with you here, we can make the same mistake twice or more until we finally learn from it. You can try as much as possible by refraining to thread the same path once you are uncomfortable with the result or your action. For example, if you have been doing the same business over the years without gaining anything, why not try a different strategic approach? Introduce a change so that your efforts will not be wasted. The mistakes you made can become a great experience which you will now implement once you have enhanced yourself and diverted to a different path.  Try ten ways that can prevent you from being lazy to cope with challenges.

Points to take note of 

  1. Take a deep breath and calm yourself down after a mistake that bothers you or makes you feel worried; Don’t blame yourself or talk down to yourself. We are all humans who make mistakes sometimes
  2. Take note of your plan and what led to the mistake: Were you in a hurry or were you stressed out? Ask yourself questions so that you will avoid another one 
  3. Focus on the next project or plan until you are satisfied with the result; Avoid distraction from people and the environment. Find a conducive environment with all the necessary resources you need
  4. Move away from a wrong or negative group who can divert your concentration: You can join networking where people can also share their experiences or listen to some experts within that topic or project that you are working on
  5. Review your plans well before you complete so that you will distinctively see any blurriness
  6. Learn from your mistakes 
  7. Research very well enough




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