Excessive worrying is not healthy

It is normal or okay to worry about certain things like business plans, work, friends, relationships, unpaid bills or responsibilities, but it becomes excessive when it is persistent and uncontrollable. What happens to you when you worry Excessively? I know some people will think worrying is okay but don’t forget there are implications like hypertension, depression, headaches among other medical problems. Yes,  the implications are not pleasant. One thing to consider imperatively lies in the medical effect. That’s high blood pressure known as hypertension, depression and the rest. Excessive worrying can reduce happiness in one’s life. We worry when things we are trying to resolve becomes intensified. 

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.” By Leo Buscaglia (DR Love).



The effects of worrying

 1, Excessive worrying can lead to high blood pressure 
2, Lack of sleep  (sleep insomnia) 
3, Lack of happiness  (you wouldn’t be happy at that moment you are worrying)
4, Excessive worrying can make you look older than your age
5, Worrying can be a time-waster 
6, Worrying can cause stress and anger
7, Worrying excessively will leave you with a negative effect
8, Excessive worrying can cause headaches
9, Excessive worrying can make you irrational
According to a research on google; 40% of things we worry about will never occur, Things over and past that can’t be changed by all the worries in the world are 30% and only 8% worries are real legitimate worries that worth concerning yourself with! Can you imagine that? Why do you worry excessively?

How can you reduce or stop excessive worrying?

The first thing to do is take it easy? Whatever you are bothered about can be solved if you are focused and if you have the right resources.  Worrying excessively will only drain your energy so take it slowly, and take a step at a time. 
Take note of what bothers your mind and address it when you are more relaxed not when you are tensed up.
Some people worry because of fear of failure but instead of fear, why not think of turning that fear to good expectation? Visualise how good it will feel when your efforts turn to a positive outcome. That will begin to give you a happy feeling rather than a sad one. It is now left to you on how to meet that target.
Get rid of vague fears which cause excessive worrying, such as asking yourself the worst scenario which will occur if things don’t turn out the way you except? Do you know that is the major reason why most people worry excessively or act irrationally? Of course, it is caused by fear. Once you get the answer to that, then your mind becomes relaxed and relieved. Grow positive seeds in your mind by feeding it with encouraging words. Personally, whenever I realise that I am worrying too much, I quickly take a step back and slow down. I ask myself what exactly needs to be done to rectify any problem that might come out of a plan, business, or project which might not end well, or didn’t end the way I want it? Immediately, I will conquer any vague fear. Meanwhile, I always think positively with excellent visualisation of positive outcomes and expectations.
I don’t think of failure as a disease or an end of the road for me but rather an opportunity to equip myself better and continue that journey.  
Often times, I give myself clarity of how to overcome failure before it happens just in case it happens so that will eventually erase vague fears or negative thoughts that might cause me worrying excessively. This saves me from wasting my energy, or strength.
Workout or exercise: This is a good way to release inner tensions or negative thoughts which are vulnerable to excessive worries.
If you are worried about your partner or spouse or friend, then the first thing you should do is try to trust or believe the words from that person, although, people have the tendency of changing. It is unhealthy for you to keep guessing what someone is thinking since your mind might exaggerate the picture or scenario. You might hurt yourself more by not being certain of what is on that person’s mind. You can now choose a better way of dealing with such a situation by asking nicely exactly what is on that person’s mind or the reason why the person made a decision you are not happy with. This is a good way to promote an open and happy relationship rather than a negative one. Communication is ace! 
Often times, some people do say that hefty bills, health, responsibilities, situations, heartbreak, love life, and inability to solving problems lead to worries. We all worry about someone dear to our hearts or situations, but it’s better if we can put ideas into practice which will eventually resolve problems (avoid procrastination).  Once the problem is gone, worries will elude, isn’t it? 

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TinuTino · 7 July 2019 at 12:42 AM

Speak to your doctor if you are becoming too anxious or depressed.

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