I remember when I hear about people with any type of ailment, condition, sickness, or disease, the first thing that came to my mind back then was that this can never happen to anyone close to me talk less of getting to me. In fact, some friends of mine did say the same out of ignorance at a young age of about 15 to 20s. 

After I became ripe, enhanced, and wiser, it did not take me long to sympathise as well as indirectly feel the pain of those people.

You see, when you wake up one morning to find yourself feeling hopeless, fatigued, sad without motivation to go to work, clean your room, feel loved, or lack love within you, it could be depression or something else.

Stress can also lead to depression. Watch the interview below with a psychiatrist.




Depression can be briefly defined as a mood disorder that can cause someone to constantly have a feeling of sadness, despondency, dejection, and lack of interest in positive events.

it is a disease of the brain that reduces your motivation to enjoy the activities you once enjoyed like going to work, exercising, playing with family, or going to outings, or even sexual intimacy. 

It puts you in a dim corner where you feel paranoia and lack self-esteem.

When some of your colleagues, friends, or family are having a challenging discussion that you once laughed off, you might suddenly find out that you get irrational with your contribution and exaggerate it until it spread out of proportion negatively. whereas when they are having an educated or brainstorming discussion, you feel reluctant to get far with it to the extent that it leaves you to become bored. 

The cause of depression varies in different people. It means different factors can cause depression.

Some people can become depressed for no obvious reason.


Some of the symptoms of depression

Unfocused, unmotivated, lack of self-esteem, anxiety, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, stressed, irritability, restlessness, irrationality, aches and pains, anger, trouble sleeping, mental fogginess, self-doubt, fatigues, and possibly changes in appetite.

Five main causes of depression

Some people might find that their depression is triggered by traumatic or stressful life events.

Before we go on, I have heard someone say, ‘I cannot concentrate, I am feeling anxious and suicidal. I feel like taking all those tablets and end it’. When someone says this, quickly get help by calling the doctor.

Another person said ‘when my wife left me, it made life worse’.

Another person said ‘my wife abused me by hitting me with a rolling pin and frying pan when I make any mistake. I am scared of her’ {domestic violence on men}.

Lonelineliness leads to depression {prolonged loneliness can lead to mental health problem and add more to any condition they might be battling with. 

Financial breakdown or problems

Drugs, certain medications, or alcohol abuse

Bad marriage or relationship {heartbreakbreak}

Bereavement or loss

Abuse like sexual, emotional, or physical abuse

What are the steps to take

Visit your doctor immediately you realise some changes that are unfriendly or worrying.

Take a brisk walk daily

Improve your diet with great nutrition

Don’t bottle up your problems, speak to someone

Take note of your problems but don’t dwell on it

Mix with positive people who can empower or inspire you, not toxic people {virtual network or groups. Observe precautions like wearing face masks and social distancing groups}.

Take your medications or supplements frequently as advised by your doctor.


My final note

 Whatever happens to you in life is not the end, please, do not give up. Speak to a professional therapist or your doctor who will help you through.

Let us draw people nearer than before, especially at this stage in life when this deadly pandemic has led to many people getting stressed or depressed.

There is no point in stigmatising or mocking those who need us. 

We all need love, let us show each other love and care.

How do you cope with depression or do you know anyone coping with depression?


Keep yourself safe.


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