The citrus limon (lemon) is from evergreen trees in the family plant known as Rutaceae, from Nothern China. It contains a lot of health benefits as stated below. 

How do you boost your immune system?

A slice of lemon in a cup of hot water can boost your immune system, freshen your breath, and contains health benefits. Below are more benefits. 

Reduces inflammation
Aids digestion
Helps you lose weight
Cleanses your system
Keeps your skin blemish

Good source of potasium


What happens if you take lemon too often?

Due to the acid in the citrus fruit, it can cause heartburn
Tooth decay
Enamel erosion
Gastroesophageal reflux symptom
Above are the good reasons for drinking lemon water but remember reasonable consumption is advised.

Cup Of Hot Water And Lemon Slice





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