Well, if you think that you are too good or classy to be affected by mental health problems, I am afraid, you are wrong. Depression can affect anyone regardless of who you are. 
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What leads to suicide?

This should be the first question on everyone’s mind? Firstly, we should understand that our brain or mind cannot exceed certain strengths (burdens, despondency, overworking ourselves without rest, or immense negative thoughts without resolution) which are been stretched, these lead to stress, which later develops to depression or anxiety if not treated by the doctor. 
Sadly, the magnitude of people who suffer from depression might be scared or ashamed of stigmatisation to the extent that they feel alone, aloof, and worthless until they take their lives. We need to listen to people more often without hate or judging them, and also, introduce them to the right counsellor. Most people need love and assurance so that they will understand that tomorrow will be better. Depression, suicidal thoughts or anxiety can affect anyone, regardless of status, gender, race, class, or religion.
Don’t take your life!

Why do some people commit suicide?

When you feel suicidal, it could have been that this thought has been going on in your mind for a while where you feel hopeless and worthless to the extent that life means nothing to you.
Some reasons why people take their life
  1. A mental health problem which has not been treated
  2. Some victims of bullying, rape, and abuse do feel suicidal if they can’t cope with pain or ridicule further
  3. Despondency, after a loss, bereavement or disappointment, some people find it hard to cope
  4. Financial breakdown where the person has no hope of continuing life 
  5. Addiction or substance abuse
  6. Homelessness, where the person ends up in the streets or nowhere to turn

Many more reasons can lead to suicidal thoughts but please, don’t commit suicide, speak to someone now. 

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My understanding
1, Try to get rid of negative people who never encourage you
2, Move away from a toxic circle so that you can begin to live a positive life with a positive attitude
3, Do not give up on yourself, remain hopeful by mixing with positive groups for positive collaborations like networking, events, outings with good friends.
4,  Try to get rid of negative thoughts by moving on towards the right path. You can begin to read books, watch videos of interest, and start attending seminars or classes for more educational enhancement.
5, Try not to feel down after mistakes which some people might have made in the past. Put it behind you without wallowing in regret after mistakes. Look for a positive way forward by taking notes of opportunities and resources to carry on. 
6, Untreated depression can be debilitating, please visit your doctor if you feel you are unable to keep hygiene, go to work, no more love for friends, partner/spouse, and family, constant negative thoughts, suicidal thoughts, jealous of people’s success because you can’t earn it, constant yelling and anger. It is imperative to see a doctor.
8, Get yourself spruced up and go out to events or outings that will make you laugh. Feel alive.

Take note: Some people might take their lives without prior warning, try to draw them near with love while you take them to a doctor or direct them to the nearest one. 

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