When we talk about friendship it should mean so much to us, which includes loyalty and respect. A friendship is a cordial relationship with two or more people in a way to bring a positive outcome. In this article, we will discuss the true meaning of friendship, those to be friends with and those to avoid. Please read on, if you would like to know more. You can share and comment too. Smiles!


The true meaning of friendship 

Friendship is that relationship we have with someone who we have chosen for reasons best known to us. We learn different things from our friends, we share, we discuss, we laugh, we disagree sometimes, we solve problems together sometimes, we understand them and they understand us. Friendship also means being there for your friend without hating, but understanding.  


Good friends to move with

I am sure you believe what a good friend does, don’t you? A good friend will come to you in time of trouble to support you with encouraging words without broadcasting it to the world. That same friend will stand by you when you seem to feel alone or lost. You will pay your friend back in kindness. Good friends never gossip or hate their friends, rather they advise and correct mistakes out of love. A good friend will cheer you joyously without jealousy or envy. When people are hating or condemning you behind your back, a good friend will stand up for you to protect your good name. ]It is important to have a few qualities of friends rather than hypocrites who can disappoint you. They are better than going behind your back to share your secrets or sell your stories. Friends who have good qualities are those to be seen with, after all, birds of the same feathers flock together. I quote this saying; A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find lucky to have. What type of friend are you? 


Try to avoid these types of friends

There are different types of friends. some you meet at work but after work, you might not be friends with them when job contracts run out. Some you meet in university or institutions which ends when the cause or program ends. Some friends grew up with you but you might fall apart as time goes by. Those aren’t bad friends.

The type of friends you should avoid are, those who come to listen to your story, problems or secrets just to expose and mock you when your back is turned. In life, it gets to a stage when you begin to understand things better, you enhance yourself productively. You begin to have a different understanding of life and people, which means you watch your self-image. ‘Our self-image held, essentially determines what we become’. Maxwell Maltz. 


Remember Jesse Jackson once said; “Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up” Wherever you are, try to make someone smile!

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