Why some people divert from you

Why do you think that some people who were friends from childhood are no more friends like before? Something led to that, let’s read more here. A happy person who grew up from a good background will know that there are certain people you do not need to mix with anymore, while you move around with apt and reputable people. As we grow older in life, some people improve and motivate themselves while others let themselves get overwhelmed with negatives of life such as problems, drugs abuse, alcohol abuse, crime as sufficed. When the one who came from a good background do not have anything in common with the friend who now takes part in crime for instance, or who has no achievement due to laziness, such friend will move far away. Where friends are good together in a team without conflicts, they carry on, where there are conflicts, you detach. In that case, you detach from them emotionally and physically! 






Why do some people or friends stop talking to you like they did before?

Good friends will not turn their backs on their friends just because their friends are facing setbacks or challenges in life, No, they will support them.

It is better to rather focus and be with a positve group of people who aren’t negativeThat is one of the reasons why some people will refuse to relate or talk to you like they once did if you are one of the negative ones. The story will change if/when they see the difference in you once you are ameliorated. Don’t forget that you yourself will now move far away to be with people of your own caliber. I personally cannot relate to some people who have divergent understanding and reasoning from me, knowing we will only argue which I don’t fancy. 



1, Self-development enables you to know your worth and expectations

2, Distance and loss of contacts: When you lose contact due to distance, you might not be able to relate to that person you once called a friend. Though we have social media, some people are nowhere close

3,  Take note that people do have the tendency to change for many reasons. Sometimes, there’s that ‘change factor which makes some people get fed up of communicating with you.

Bear in mind that some people might not be able to control such a situation. It could be due to tough situations, circumstances, life, finances, health, marital issues, jobs or business.

Some just get a cold shoulder for one reason or more. The best thing to do is move on gracefully without forcing it.

4 Normally, not all friendship last forever. When you decide to adorn your life, it will suddenly open your eyes to understand how higher you need to go. That will mean that the wrong type of people will have to be left behind. 

5, We shouldn’t forget those betrayals who sometimes makes it easy to disassociate from completely. You forgive them but never forget to prevent a recurrence. When a friend or someone you know betrays you, you would not like to trust such a person again.

6, Selfishness and resentment: When there is resentment in a case where you always give your time and support to a person who refuses to notice or reciprocate, that friendship will not last. Such selfishness and resentment, can make you turn away from the person you once called a friend or had friendship with. Especially when it puts a drain on your lifestyle and thinking. 


Take note

Always take note that a good friend will never turn his or her back on you. As you grow wiser and reasonable, you will begin to drop off those people who aren’t interested in your progress. Move away from such people. Two things here, you must have a few things in common with the person you call your friend. That means you will move away from that person who has nothing in common anymore since your life is reconstituted.








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