Isn’t Nigeria dying by these daily pervasive calamities and bloodshed without the protection of lives or support from the government?

Who is going to save children, the youths, parents, farmers, and the elderly people from the hands of Fulani terrorists and Boko Haram who are killing, dismembering, kidnapping, and raping the old and young?

Sadly, it seems there aren’t enough loud voices to condemn these daily kidnappings, killings, and unnecessary bloodshed.

Some people are afraid of what can become of them. The government is not combating insecurity nor prioritising it.

Ever since Muhammad Buhari became the president of Nigeria, Nigerians have been suffering and smiling according to more than 60% of Nigerians who are experiencing the painful effect of lax security, hunger, unemployment, police brutality, poor health system, bad roads amid other ill infrastructures.

Gunmen abduct over 300 schoolgirls at jangebe 

Let us start by referring to a few among too many kidnappings.

Chibok girls (276 girls) were kidnapped by Boko haram in 2014 without any success in rescuing them and 42 people were kidnapped in a similar attack last week in Niger,  where they were taking to a nearby forest like others.

Mostly, the bandits seek ransom if they don’t sell some girls off or rape them, if not we heard that they torture and kill them.

In another attack recently, Schoolboys, some teachers, and relatives (42 people) were kidnapped last month in the northern part of Nigeria but have been released thankfully.

Boko haram terrorists have bred suicide bombers. 

In December 2020, over 344 boys were kidnapped by bandits while in school in the town of kankara but some were later released.

Though jihadist group called Boko haram, claimed to be behind the kidnapping, the government refuse to believe it since the state is far away from their hideouts.

Governor Aminu Bello Masaro said 344 were freed but others remain missing.

The boys were released in Katsina, the capital of the state where they arrived on a bus to meet President  Buhari.


The kidnapping of over 300 Zamfara schoolgirls

Around midnight on Friday 26th February 2021, bandits kidnapped over 300 schoolgirls from government girls secondary school, jangebe in Talata-Mafara local government Zamfara. 

An eye witness said some of them were dressed like personnel securities; they rushed in the hostel, forcibly pushing the girls in parked Hilux and motorcycles that were parked outside. 

The scared eyewitness who begged journalists for anonymity explained how the captain was slapped and threatened before the gunmen began this unflinching and inhumane attack. 

The police and security agencies are searching, but the president of the country has

condemned kidnapping which is now too frequent and alarming. 

The united nations children fund condemned the kidnapping and called for their safe release. 

Oyo state kidnapping

In Oyo State of Nigeria, a student of the University of Ibadan who is studying sociology was kidnapped by gunmen when they forced their way into his father’s house asking for his father but eventually kidnapped the innocent boy when they met the father’s absence.

This happened on his father’s farm in oke Odan, Apete area of Ibadan the Oyo state, capital of Nigeria. 

Can you tell me that Nigeria is not deteriorating? 

They ask for 100m Naira as ransom from his family before they release him.

Over two years, there has been a prevalent increase in kidnappings of motorists, farmers, and passersby by Fulani terrorists who dismember some of them, or torture some, or strip them naked and rape them in turns.

Some victims are raped or killed but a huge ransom is always collected from their family members before releasing some victims.

Almost all their victims are been tortured.

They have begun to film some of their atrocities for the world to see.

Many farmers have suffered in the hands of Fulani who lead their cattle to feed or graze on farms where farmers have sweated for several months to nurture their crops that are expected to be harvested.

When farmers dare complain, they either get slaughtered by those Fulani terrorists or whipped.

These constant deadly acts have led to a drop in the economy and ridiculous rapid inflation on foods and beverages.

Who will save Nigerians from the hands of Fulani terrorists and Boko haram?

The insecurity of the country is not handled severely.

Share and post your experience here or suggestion.


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