Is this going to continuously happen this way without any support or security to protect those people living in Plateau? How can anyone feel comfortable in Nigeria when they know that is getting too close to home? How on earth can Fulani herdsmen bombard a whole state, killing scores of people there? Humans were slaughtered during that morbid attack, leaving hundreds of lives wasted. Babies slaughtered, expectant, young and old beheaded in a 7 hours attack without any distraction from armies or armed forces? What is really happening? I feel so sorry and sad to learn about this. The same way Boko Haram terrorists visited some parts of the North killing young and old without any restraint or sympathy for lives. 


President Buhari, do something right now, please.

Humans are dying, their lives are more important than animals. Over hundreds of humans were slaughtered in Gashish district of Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State on Sunday, June 25th, 2018 without any support or security to protect them.
After the first deadly attack from Fulani herdsmen on the people of  Plateau and other states, what security has been laid down to prevent any re-occurrence? It seems they just stroll in easily each time. Please do not wait for the government. So sorry o. #tinutinoshow


Nigerians should stop hatred caused by tribalism and religion

It is time we all show love and unanimously support each other without hate. Why should it matter if someone is from a different state from yours or why should it matter if some practices a different religion? It is time we all support each other instead of allowing division which leaves avenues for corruption, unemployment, killings, nepotism, and annihilation. Let’s move on the ladder of prosperity, the ladder of love, the ladder of acceptance and tolerance and ladder of education. Lack of education and employment has really killed many talented minds.

Young people, please use your talent wisely.

May the souls of those who have been killed in the wicked hands of terrorists in Nigeria rest in peace!  

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