Some people don’t know you but they will decide to make you an enemy to please those people who once had a sour encounter with you. Instead of them to study you well, they will prefer to believe lies about you and gossip. They lose out,  you win. 
Winston Churchill said, “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life”.


Why do some people deliberately choose you as their enemy?

Firstly, take note that some people are more toxic than you think. What they enjoy doing is bring others down until they break, so don’t fall for them. 
Don’t allow people’s condemnation or negative comments to leave you wallowing in regret because of the mistakes of your past. Rather, move ahead in life and ameliorate yourself. Some reasons why some people condemn others or prefer to choose innocent people as enemies are due to the fact that their friends might have fed them with lies during their gossiping section, without checking the authenticity of such lies, they choose those people as enemies. 
Always get used to criticism, either positive or not, their negative utterances or namecallings cannot prevent you from excelling.
Some reasons
  • Some people might feel threatened by your success or happiness for some reasons
  • Don’t feel perturbed if a toxic person never sees anything good in you, such a person never does
  • Some people might be friends with your ex or maybe someone who used to be a wrong friend whom you never got on with. In that case, you know they would have said a lot of things which you did and did not do?
  • When you have a divergent opinion to some people, they might take you as an enemy
  • Some people just hate you for no reason, relax and carry on in life
  • An enemy might want what you have but they can’t, which leads to hatred. 

Take note that in some situations, you might be your own worst enemy whereby you bring troubles and difficulties for yourself. You always argue with people and find it hard to settle in a group of inspiring people. Ask yourself, are you causing more problems for others that prevent them from getting on with you? Check yourself if you are.

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Are you always hated by someone who acts like an enemy

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