Don’t doubt yourself 
You see, if you are being talented or gifted, it can be turned into wealth or riches before you know it. It has a lot to do with your capabilities and knowledge. Although your talent or gift can make you a wealthy or rich person one day, not all talented people are rich, that is, if you are not a wealthy person like me yet! Smiles. Let us hope for the best. 
A few weeks ago, before my trip to New Jersey,  I had an advisory session with a prominent person who expressed her satisfaction and relievement after my lengthy informative advice. The same happened this week where another prominent person sent me a WhatsApp message to express the joy and fulfillment my advice left.
The second person can stand next to Dangote (one of the richest people in Africa) or Richard Branson, another rich man conveniently as a friend on the same pedestal. They are both bigger and wealthier than me, but my talent is mightier and richer  than them. Can you imagine the ginormous weight of talent? My talents are all wrapped up in my voice, as I use my voice for motivational talks, talk shows, presentations, voice-over, advisory sessions, promotions, reading scripts, and other duties. I read my own written reports.
I started utilising my talent over two decades ago, but it wasn’t easy at first, as I wasn’t sure how good I was or how well will my voice be appreciated in a competitive modern world. Today, I am proud of myself to the extent that I get paid for my blogs, voiceover, advertisements, advisory sessions, motivational talks, and other duties. Also, I encourage people through blogs like ‘how to encourage people during hard times’ and synonymous self-help blogs.

How to utilise your talent 

Before utilising your talent, remember that you need to discover your talent first.
  Whatever your talent is, be bold to utilise it. Some people are happy listening to my advice or inspirational talks without looking at my imperfections or defect. We all make mistakes just like the rich and wealthy people make mistakes too, so be firm and focused.
  • Try to send out free samples of your best work or project without being doubtful, that’s how serious customers or clients will be able to link up with you
  • Access all possible opportunities on social media including, you paying for companies or people to advertise your business and services. I use  paid advertisement services which generate traffic and profitable opportunities for me  today
  • Make sure your charges are reasonable and flexible
  • Share your ideas with friends, family, and nieghbours by ensuring that you remember to add a fee to your service or products
  • Seek advice from an accountant and lawyer 
  • Adorn your packages for uniqueness and be prompt on delivery
  • When you see an opportunity to make money, grab it immediately by connecting to the people involved
  •  Sustainability is imperative, don’t give up even if your friends or followers are not many
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, this will make you become stronger
  • Never give up during hard days, keep going on and win!


Thank God for such a rare gift.
The second person said,’ almost ten years, there’s no one to trust like you, Tinu’, obviously it all stayed there discreetly. You can be useful without diminishing your own authority, go for it. Talent is linked to capabilities and knowledge.
Good luck.
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