In the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abusive cases, which have engulfed Hollywood, I knew more shocking revelations will unfold!  

According to Antonia Jenae, a 44-year-old singer and mother of two from Lauderdale, Lakes, Florida, a  ‘supposed’  shocking derogatory incident which occurred between her and Sir Richard Branson was revealed.   Unbelievable!  During a hard time like this, Antonia needs encouraging blogs which will lift her spirit.  




She narrated how Richard Branson put his head in between her cleavage during a visit to Necker Island. Although, 67-year-old Richard Branson denied having knowledge of such a disgusting act. Joss Stone,  the successful singer, and onlookers were shocked watching this happening! 
Assuming Richard was under the influence of something strong, would he have knowledge of his actions? No excuse. click audio. 

Don’t allow anyone to gag your voice!

Antonia came out after Harvey Weinstein’s dozens of sexual harassment cases are opening like cans of worms. In fact, it will be so painful if guilty people walk free while innocent victims’ voices are erased.

Would it be fair if guilty rich and famous people, can pay their way out of crimes?  
On the other hand, how sad would it be if some rich and famous innocent people are lied against just to tarnish their image?

Richard,  a motivator 

I respect Sir Richard Branson to the extent that I get inspired by his resilient spirit. He is a go-getter but this is disgraceful. 

Ms. Antonia too is hard working 

She is a  back singer for joss, I respect her too,  and pray truth must prevail. It must have been so devastating for her to keep it to herself for so long. I’m so sorry.
This is not good for Richard Branson’s business or name.
Sir Richard Branson, do come out with the gospel truth.
Nollywood and Bollywood have skeletons hidden.
The truth will prevail!

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