Are you a positive influencer who uses his or her power and achievements to promote, elevate and build people? Are you that person who encourages others rather than bring them down? A positive influencer will motivate people, while he or she also becomes judicious and focused. Well, kudos to you. When you destroy someone’s life by hurting, battering or being toxic to them, it kills improvement, development, and happiness. For those who are impacting the lives of others, they are increasing happiness and productivity, in the community and world. One happy person makes another person happy! Be a positive person and move away from negative people who cannot add happiness or value to your life.

The need for a positive impact

This world needs positive people who will make others laugh or smile.

Let us begin by defining positive impact; which is a way to add value to lives, to add flavour to sour thoughts, to add life to a hopeless mind, and to rebuild people and self- esteem. By adding a positive impact on the life of someone, you will be changing a lot of communities and also, bringing peace to the world.

For example, In a large group, we can positively impact the lives of others in various ways. Although trust might be a barrier, one way or the other, we can cross that bridge safely without getting hurt if we are watchful and careful. Blacks, Asians, Africans, and other races can productively be useful towards each other without judging or discriminating. While some people decide to taint your reputation out there or not appreciate your good work, you need to remain focused as professionals who insist on educating, interacting, merchandising, networking, teaching, and embracing each other further. Whenever anyone mistakenly steps on your toes, please be feel free to be expressive so that you can correct out of love.



How can you create a positive impact each day or frequently?

  • Begin your day with a smile, even though you have hefty goals ahead
  • Free your mind from worries or doubt by trusting your judgment
  • Take note of important assignments or plans for yourself and others, so that you will not forget anything or inadvertently disappoint others
  • Surprise someone you love
  • Send lovely messages out to people frequently to appreciate them
  • Encourage people with kind and inspiring words which will elevate them
  • Put smiles on faces by sharing gifts, love or kind charity
  • Nurture and empower people around you like the youths, unemployed, business entrepreneurs or those in need of your support
  • Promote your business and clients’ too
  • Allow your comments or decisions to sound more percipient. Some people might be feeling despondent but your utterance can leave a positive feeling rather than negative.

Do you know that just a smile and hello can improve one’s life? Try to be kind, compassionate and considerate by putting yourself in the shoes of others.  Let’s appreciate each other while we thank people who add one good thing or the other in our lives.  

Please share, comment and follow. Are you adding a positive impact on the lives of others? This blog is a positive impact from me to you. Sharing is a positive impact from you to others.

Have a nice day!



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