What is the best age to retire? That is a good question but don’t forget that it depends on individuals. Some people retire at the age of 75 years or a lot less, like around 50 years or even less. Before you retire or give up work suddenly, always try to be in the habit of putting some savings aside for the rainy day since anyone can get ill suddenly. Some people might be feeling despondent or suffering from severe mental illness, cancer,  or any condition due to age-related illness, or it might not be due to age sometimes. For various health topics watch our health show every Saturday on MITV DSTV 255 Every Saturday from 3.30 pm to 4 pm and GNTV UK, Sky channel 182 every Wednesday at 9 pm.   Remember there is life after removal of breast cancer for some people.






What do you do when you are retired

If you are ready to retire, try to visualise how your life will look like once you are free from those working days. Mix with groups of retirees who are within your community so that you can share ideas and thoughts. You can network with them and socialise because loneliness is very unhealthy. Think of a hobby or interest like hiking, walking golfing or swimming, gardening, and pursue. You can be flexible with your plans so that will also add more taste to life. Eat well, exercise, think positively, get the grasp of technology so you can also get in touch with your friends and family,  and read blogs on how to turn situations around for your benefit.   Also, visit your grandchildren if you have some and meet good people on social media. There are so many interesting and educative videos to keep you happy, be happy. You might tend to spend your money wisely though. Smiles.


Pension as an option

If you cannot continue to work due to serious illness, you may be qualified to take your pension benefits early before the age of 55 years in the United Kingdom. Kindly find out about pension in the country you reside in. To be qualified, you need to have worked for at least thirty years (30 years) but for the full flat-rate pension, you would have worked for thirty-five years (35 years). As an home-owner pensioner with the assets of over $250.000 or over £270.000, you can still be eligible for a full pension, but please ask your adviser or citizen advise bureau. To be on the safe side, speak to your lawyer or Barrister. Ask Where does your National insurance contribution goSavings is as an option you need to put some money aside over the years. The second plan (business)  is another option. Some people do go into another business to help them fall back onto after retirement. This is a wise idea which has worked for some people if handled professionally and pragmatically. Government support or benefits for sick people depending on your status and the law of the country you reside in.




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