In the 70s and 80s, we did not understand the word ‘CANCER’ talk less of ‘MASTECTOMY’. Sadly, today, almost every woman understand what those two deadly words mean. I/n fact, before pressing our breasts frequently as ordered by our doctors, some of us do get frightened of the unknown. What do we want women struggling with breast cancer to do? What do we want our friends and families without breasts to do? We must respect their braveness and show them, undiluted love. It is not easy!

Why can’t you love yourself the way you are? It doesn’t matter if you have full breasts, saggy breasts, one and a half breasts, one breast or no breasts. Mastectomy is an operation carried out to treat cancer. it could be one of the breasts or both breasts removed. The first thing that comes to mind is, oh dear, that is too much to take in. You will not be in a good mood just realizing that your loved one or any woman went through that drastic ordeal.


How do they heal? 

How do you think a patient who has just had mastectomy heals? They cannot handle that shock alone without you and I, showing them love. We need to encourage them daily without showing off our rounded breasts or complaining of saggy breasts. They will prefer those extra saggy breasts to no breasts at all. But either way, what matters is that, they are still our wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters, mums, grand-mums or friends, Let’s love them for their courage.

Who cares how your breasts look?

Be glad your breasts are healthy without complaining. Appreciate them and keep them clean, while you live healthily. Don’t worry how they look. They are yours, love them, pamper them and take good care of them. 



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