What an ecstatic feeling when preparing to enter a brand new? I personally I am fulfilled with enthusiasm because I know it is a massive opportunity for me to make adjustments and alignments to match my plans. It is such an imperativeness sticking to such plans so that we will see achievements and improvements as time go by.

How can you achieve your goals?

The first step is to be determined. No matter what you go through, remember you will face disappointments and challenges but do not give up. Accept your mistakes and rise whenever you fall. 

A link to how to achieve your goals 

 Click the link to how to achieve your goals 





Counting your blessings

Counting your blessings and being filled with gratitude is better than complaining or feeling unhappy about failed plans. It is important to take a break so that you can start listing down those blessings and achievements you received within this year 2018, before entering 2019, instead of complaining about uncertainty, do you know why? I believe hope is a great motivator to be embraced. Make yourself happy by remembering how important is it to reach your goal which can only be achieved if you focus and work relentlessly. You can’t give up know.


Take note of every bit of achievements you expect within the new year 2019

Firstly, you will need to take note of your expectations which you need to meet.

Secondly, as time goes by, you tick each box of achievement before moving on to the next one without being fearful of challenges, struggles or disappointment which might crop up on the way.

Finally, be bold and never give up when it seems harsh, you will get there eventually.

Tinu Odunuga is wishing you a happy new year 2019. It will certainly be filled with joy and fulfillment. Enjoy, but don’t forget to share and subscribe to my Youtube channel. You can watch our health show on GNTV UK SKY CHANNEL 182 Showing on GNTV UK Sky Channel 182  & MITV DSTV 255 Nigeria. Our talk show can be watched from any part of the globe. Click to subscribe to my YouTube channel for TV updates and videos. While you are making a new start, remember to look after your health. Don’t believe in self-medication, and neither should you leave it too late to visit your doctor, please. 



TinuTino · 31 December 2018 at 8:45 PM

Happy new year 2019

TinuTino · 31 December 2018 at 8:51 PM

Our TV show is showing on MITV DSTV 255 NIGERIA AND GNTV UK SKY CHANNEL 182

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