Before we discuss teenage pregnancy, let us remember that a good role model matters in a teenager’s life. Teenage pregnancy is mostly neither planned nor premeditated but it happens anyway.

When it happens, unfortunately, some teenagers abort the pregnancy while some decide to have the baby. 

We cannot blame the mothers when their absentee fathers refuse to take part in their upbringing willingly.

In some cases, fathers may not be blamed if they work abroad or far away. You see, we are referring to those who deliberately walk away from their duties. This might overwhelm some mothers.

In the long run, it disrupts their education as well as close ties with some friends who will prefer to focus on life without any extra responsibility,

Having a baby is the most precious and stupendous experience a lady or woman can have but there is time for everything.

Before we continue, according to the office of national statistics (ONS), the data released on 4 March 2020, 16.7 per 1.000 girls under 18 years were pregnant in England meaning, the figure has decreased since 2017. Niger has the largest number of child marriages and teenage pregnancies. Sad!


What is teenage pregnancy?

When a girl gets pregnant before the ripe age of 18 or 19, when she is supposed to be in school, she is a teenager who needs support and teaching on how to cope. This will definitely draw her back from achieving those goals on time but some girls are fortunate to have the right influencers and good parents who make their education a priority after childbirth and that never suffers.

Teenage pregnancy is mostly blamed on parents, but why?


Reasons for teenage pregnancy

Some girls are molested at a young age which leads to unwanted pregnancy

Getting entangled in the wrong clique can lead to a girl abusing drugs, alcohol, or getting pregnant

Some girls are forced into an incestuous relationship

Disengagement from classes and education

Lack of good parenting might have a negative impact

Some girls fall in love with their boyfriends and adamantly decide to get pregnant without protection or contraceptives

Some girls are not lectured or tutored on how to live happily without any wayward activity at a young age. In a sentence, they lack educational understanding of sexual intimacy and the effects

For example, an officer once asked me to join him and other police officers at a place where young girls between the ages of  14 to 17 years were dancing nude, with the intention of motivating and counselling them before sending them home. Even a 13-year-old and others, were working to feed themselves and their family in Nigeria, it’s heartbreaking. 

Recently, a video went viral on Instagram where a grandma used her 7-year-old to sleep with men for 1.500 naira,  less than  £1 or $1.  Sadly, they exposed the little girl’s identity.
How can a 7-year-old be used for prostitution?  Not even an adult should be forced into such deadly shame and deprivation.  What a world?
Way forward

When a girl gets pregnant at a young age, she needs care, love, and support on how to cope with the pregnancy, baby, and manage her future without any interruption or stigmatisation.

The next thing to do after birth once she is ready is to register her back to school. Meanwhile, during pregnancy, she can as well try online courses or still attend school if she is comfortable with it. 

Her life shouldn’t be on hold.

Also, she should be introduced to contraceptives to prevent reoccurrence at a young age.

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