When I look around today and see a lot of disrespectful young people who do not value the lives of others including theirs, it bothers me. What went wrong? Who are their good role models? To start with, some parents are not encouraging their children to get educated and also, to live respectfully since some of those parents are on the streets fighting, abusing drugs, going on social media to bully innocent people, fighting or disrupting the peace of others or even lead a corruptive political team. 



Absentee fathers also need to look after their children

It is imperative that absentee fathers sit with their children to show them love, morals, and respect for their well-being, behaviour and mental strength. It is not always about money. When you leave a woman to educate a child alone, cook, clean, go to work, attend school meetings, networking,  attend to other activities or events, it tells on both the mother and child. When such a boy grows into a young man, there will be some important factors that he might lack, no matter how successful he turns out to be. What a shame, you the fathers have no time for your children because you have issues or problem with their mothers? Shame some of you hate the mother so much that you prefer bringing the mother down. It is a shame you refuse to raise and listen to your children, shame that you condemn children and the mother because you are jealous of her progress, or you seriously hate her. While you refuse to take part in your child’s life, when he or she grows up, society might pay for your irresponsible action.


I watched a video of 2018 London carnival where four guys kicked a young man on the head until he passed out.

It is so sad that today, there is no love or unity among youths but who do you blame? We blame those youths who refuse to listen to advise of adults, advise of parents and advise of the mentor. We blame the government for not providing important programs o schemes which are enough to help a lot those young people. We blame the government for not creating enough jobs to go round. We blame their parents for not showing them good examples. Do not get me wrong, this doesn’t apply to all the parents out there because there are very good parents who have tried their best on those young people. Nothing close to this life in our days at all. too many drugs, alcohol and lack of respect amongst these guys. Be good examples of young people full of talent and respect for life.

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