Can you imagine a father having incestuous relationship with his teenager?


Incestuous relationship between a father and his 17 year old is melancholic 

Is it normal for any human being to walk naked on the streets? Is it better than incestuous act? Well, don’t be surprised to hear a sick revelation on how a father slept with his own biological daughter.  Oh, let me interject this; in the streets of Bologna,  a young Italian lady brazenly walked naked as part of social experiment. She was eventually fined £3000. That can’t be compared to what you are about to read. Incest is demonic and wrong full stop!

Incest between father and 17 year old girlIncest refers to sexual relations between close kinship relationships.which is prohibited religiously One day, during our charity outreach in West Africa, i met a pregnant woman who hated her teenager for allowing her father to have sex with her repeatedly. In fact, she took her to a church to get the witchcraft in her cleansed. According to this mother, her 17 year old daughter used her witchcraft to seduce her father? I told her the girl is still young and she is the victim who needs to be handled with care. She needs nurturing, education and counselling. The father heartlessly took the poor girl’s innocence while he repeatedly raped her. The mother said, she is scared the husband will beat her mercilessly even during pregnancy if she dares complain about incestuousness. I asked her why can’t she and her daughter go far away, she replied that she is too poor to afford a cup of tea. Who will support innocent girls who are raped by fathers, uncles, brothers, men in community? Incest is taking place as we are typing this hour but who helps those victims? Let’s help


Shirley E. Mason · 9 September 2017 at 8:33 AM

You are right my Sister. This needs to be addressed. Too many lives are shattered by these actions. It confuses. It distroys self esteem. It inhibits normal (!) sexual relationships.
Children are born into the world to be protected, guided and loved. Thats the duty of an adult, a parent…..I would go so far as to say that is the joy of the duty… love and nourish. Unless those that find themselves in that situation are helped the cycle of abuse and shame shall continue. MOTHERS who become aware of this need to find courage. Tea and much more shall be manifested when you protect your child. If you do not you too are the perpetrator. Or could it be that they theselves are suffering from the effects of unacknowledged and undealt with abuse. This happens also to male children. It neefs to stop.?

    TinuTino · 9 September 2017 at 11:37 PM

    Thank you so much. I concur with your response. Yes, sadly some boys are affected and some mothers might have been victims. We need a way forward.

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