We all remember the former police officer,  Derek Chauvin, who wickedly knelt on George’s neck regardless of the pains and cries from George until he lost consciousness?
It all happened after George Floyd   who was born on 14th October 1973, was in Minneapolis to purchase a few  items before the store keeper who accused George of presenting a bounced cheque of  $20. 
Little did he know that he would be murdered by a police officer Derek Chauvin who   knelt on his neck for more than 9 minutes until he gave up the ghost.
Bear in mind that his hands were in handcuffs behind his back. 
The incident led to uproar and protests  across the countries where thousands of people were protesting for weeks. 
The crowd outside the court cheered after hearing the verdict today.
Sadly, as far as I am concerned, no verdict is good enough as a human was treated like an animal. But at least,  this will teach many of Derek’s kind to thread carefully. 
What a shame. 
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