Sunday Adeyemo was declared wanted about three weeks ago after the department of state security,  DSS claimed he is allegedly guilty of stockpiling arms in his house that was raided last month unlawfully. 

He has been denying this ever since last month.

Sadly, he has been arrested!


When was he arrested?

Professor Banji Akintoye, the leader of the Yoruba self-determination group, and other Nigerians are devastated about his arrest.

The Yoruba freedom fighter has reportedly been arrested in Cotonou, the Benin Republic, West Africa by security agents as he was fleeing to Germany.

The Nigerian security agents did arrest him on Monday night, 19th July.

They intend to extradite him to Nigeria.

Sunday Adeyemo has been hiding from Nigerian authorities since last month after an unlawful attack on his house that led to the killings of two of his supporters by the DSS.

His supposed crime is alleged stockpiling of weapons in his house and being an activist who wants to separate the Yoruba-speaking people from Nigeria, which more than 60% of Yoruba people support (They support the Yoruba nation).

His genuine intention is a way to alienate Yoruba people from Fulani herdsmen who are killing, kidnapping, and raping every day since Buhari, the president of Nigeria, and the authorities did nothing evidently to combat such grave invasion.

Many people are blaming Buhari the president of Nigeria for tribalism and tyranny method in handling the situation of Nnamdi Kanu who wants the Igbo people to separate from Nigeria, and Sunday Adeyemo who wants the Yoruba people to be far away from Nigeria.

It is understandable if they say that the Buhari government is tyrannical as there is no freedom of speech, no freedom to protest, lack of democracy, and alarming insecurity plus poverty.

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