Social media comes with positive and negative effects

Although there are more advantages to social media, it doesn’t mean we should ignore the negative effects. Below are both the good and bad effects of social media.

If you handle it with care, you can enhance your knowledge and understanding through topics, online-tutorials, and lectures on social media.

A lot of people have increased their financial stability from online lectures and programmes.


These days, laziness can prevent some people from achieving their goals without a doubt, especially when they spend too much time on social media. 

We will look at the positive and negative sides of social media.


What is the effect of heavy concentration on social media?

When social media takes precedence over your life plans, it will be difficult to achieve that goal you have been yearning for.

For example;  when someone develops a loving relationship with a stranger on Facebook (Facebook sex), that person may be distracted from activities or plans if giving too much time to the Facebook lover.

Automatically, that is a negative effect of social media.

Trusting photos without seeing the person in real life.

More damaging effects

It can cause damage to the person’s daily routine or upkeeping.

It can lead to a big problem at work if projects or tasks are not completed on time

It might cause emotional distress if the person is swindled out of his or her money by the Facebook stranger

Let us remember that there are good things that come out of social media. 


Advantages of social media

You can get information that can enlighten and enhance your knowledge

There are research and updates on health topics and other relevant topics

You can use it as a productive tool for marketing and promoting your products or contents

Social media is a place to find lost friends, meet families, friends, partners, lovers, and colleagues

You can get guidelines on self-help topics of interest

It brings far people closer

Disadvantages of social media

Children and minors might be easy prey for paedophiles

Underages can be lured into wrongdoings that can affect their lives

Child lock doesn’t always work

Your personal details, photos, and videos might fall into the wrong hand if not protected 

Cyber-bullying is affecting some people today. Be careful not to fall a victim

Easy addiction might draw you away from plans and focus in life

Science has found a link between heavy social media and increase risk of depression, self-harm and anxiety.

You might get into the wrong hands with criminals, scammers or murderers if not vigilant

Some few reasons why some people are on social media

Some are there to re-unite with schoolmates, long-lost friends, interact with business associates, make friends, network, promote business, play games, find love, enjoy the fun, interact with group members, and many more reasons.

Don’t forget that social media is very useful for many things listed above these days, but we need to be reasonable at the same time.

What has your experience on social been so far? 

Share and comment. 

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