Hello friends, please sincerely share your opinion about the man who impregnated his 3 daughters. The video has gone viral.

Incestuousness is becoming predominant these days and it is very wrong. 

As a boy or girl, please report to your teacher or someone who can help you.

This happened in Nigeria

An incestuous relationship is getting vivid and high in Nigeria, just like you see or hear of it in other countries today. 

This occurred in Nigeria last week when the villagers got understandably angry over the incestuous relationship and molestation from a father to his three innocent daughters. Very sick.

The wife covered it up according to her until the villagers strip the man naked and began to beat him with cutlasses in an attempt to beat out the demon in him according to them.

What do you suggest for those innocent girls? Did you watch the video? That scene of him put me out of dinner.

Incest is utterly unacceptable!

Those girls really need medical attention and counselling, to begin with. 


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