Can it be that easy to keep cool during most disagreements or conflicts ? I 

wouldn’t say it is that easy depending on the reason that led to the disagreement, especially when you are trying to prove  a crucial point. Let us read more about some major reasons that leads to disagreements or conflicts. 


Reasons for disagreements or conflicts In a relationship or marriage 

Infidelity;  where one of the parties is cheating.  This will lead to sourness or heartbreak.

Financial problem; in a situation where there is insufficient funds to pay bills, used for maintenance or miscellaneous items to suffice,  there might be  problems  that might lead to misunderstanding or conflicts  sometimes or  frequently in some relationships or marriages.

Health challenge; I will choose depression as a challenge that can lead to disagreements,  especially when the person has untreated depression where he or she does not take medications nor visit a doctor. The reason for choosing depression is the outburst, frequent anger , yelling and mood-swings that is constantly displayed by the party. It gets better when the person sees the doctor. 

Rejection; situations where there is rejection like lack of intimacy or good communication like before, one of couple will be unhappy . As time goes on, it can lead to sour relationship or marriage.


The best solution is speaking to your spouse or partner and find a way out.  Addition to that , speak to a therapist or your doctor when you feel it is necessary. 

Try going for a walk together and give time for communication. 

Sometimes, you can create a calm environment at home , so that you will have your privacy.


9Try to seize that opportunity to solve your problem.

Best of luck. 

What’s your contribution?  

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TinuTino · 21 November 2020 at 10:03 PM

A good read.

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