The man is the leader of the house in some marriages while many believe in 50-50

Some few couples argued that for a marriage to succeed, the man must be the leader. A couple said 50-50 of everything makes it better where the woman contributes exactly the same like the man including mortgage or rent and school fees.

 Some few said all that matters is just love and compatibility. When you talk about 50-50, it has a lot to do with helping each other with hefty responsibilities. The difference with the man being the head of the house which I grew up to understand, is that the man brings home the bacon. He is the utter decision maker who points out how most things can be done but you have your say too. Mainly, he pays most of the bills.  Whatever you believe in or practice in your home I am sure you agree with me that respect matters a lot while you should be generous and upfront towards each other. You will add more pass mark to that marriage.

Happiness matters

A marriage where one is selfish by putting himself or herself first, will not bring happiness to it. As a matter of fact either 50-50 or leaving the husband to be the leader, you both should remain on the similar page.

You can’t keep fighting for your right in a marriage, or duty or timetable and expect peace but you can politely discuss things which need to be divided accordingly since it’s between you two. Every relationship goes through that preceding stage but after some time some couples sail through. 


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