Plan B! Why do you think it is imperative to have plan B?

Anything can happen in life today, can’t it? Let’s take the coronavirus outbreak as an example, where (over 41 thousand have died in the Uk). A noxious pandemic that has killed many businesses and families.

In the world, 21.4 million people have died, 14.3 million recovered, and 788 thousand deaths (Source, internet).

Who will ever believe that we will wake up one morning to learn that the planet will be struck by a deadly pandemic that will prevent most people from leaving their houses like before?

There are less ostentatious photos and videos out there, unlike how most people used to exhibit on social media before the pandemic outbreak.

It makes one believe that challenges or delays might occur along the way, which means you will need to upraise your strategic skills so that you draw more customers or clients. 

You need contingency planning so that you will be able to cover any future gaps that might surface in the future.

Some people will easily delve into another type of business or plan that can be easily monetised. Some will utilise their talents and qualities so that they will not go down the drain when a problem arises.




Some reasons why plan B might always add value to your income

A plan is a foundation that helps you project your objectives, aims, and intentions. It also helps you to reach your goals.

What is plan B? Plan B, can be defined as another plan or idea that can be used as a substitute in case the first plan or idea doesn’t yield the results expected. It can be, a method of solving problems or can be a business. It is an alternative strategy or plan. 

For example, if your business slows down due to the fact that your customers are not getting items or goods on time, your plan B might be buying new vehicles to despatch or hire more reliable courier riders for effectiveness. 

It always comes handy and is necessary most times. Remember that phrase, “it is better to be safe than sorry”!

1, Plan B will be that second business or substitute if the plan A fails or slows down

2, It is necessary to have plan B in case the climate or economy of the country one resides in, shows signs that plan A might deteriorate soon

Plan B doesn’t mean you are indecisive, it means you are prepared for the best as a relentless and smart person

Plan B helps you focus and meet the goals 

Plan B is meant to be a faster, better and an effective alternative

You fall back on plan B if plan A fails

Let’s always have plan B to fall on if plan A slows down. The world is changing.

Share and let us hear how your plan B came handy.

Don’t forget social distancing.



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