Two hundred and thirty thousand people are affected by coronavirus pandemic in the United Kingdom while 33.186 people have died from coronavirus in the UK.  Higher numbers are from Black Asian and minority ethnic communities.

This is staggering from 569 deaths in the UK  to 33.000 in less than two months? That is frightful and I hope this pandemic ends so soon.

In the whole world, 4.29 million people have been affected by coronavirus pandemic, 293 thousand people have died sadly, and 1.4 million people have recovered thankfully.

The health secretary, Matt Hancock has said that people from ethnic minorities are dying from covid19 disproportionately.

Baroness Doreen Lawrence from Labour party will be taking review, just like Public Health England.

Some reasons given are as follows: Black and Asian people are more likely to have diabetes than whites, black people are more likely to be overweight than white people and there are other underlying conditions. Also, living conditions, health issues, and other underlying conditions play vital roles.



Though it is inconclusive until fully investigated and proven

According to the BBC analysis, about 103 NHS workers have died from coronavirus in April, which 65 out of them were from Black Asian and minority ethnic  (BAME).

Not all those who died had underlying health conditions like diabetes, respiratory disease, hypertension, or other health conditions. In fact, some of them were very healthy. May their souls rest in peace.

As per vaccination, although the University of Oxford has announced an agreement with the UK-based reputable AstraZeneca biopharmaceutical company for the development of the coronavirus (covid19) vaccine.
There is a candidate who put herself forward last month for the test. The lady is being monitored by the university.

Once the vaccine proves effective this will be a positive way forward for the covid19 vaccine around the world.


Implications of coronavirus

Death of loved ones

Lack of Health protective gears like PPE

Lack of sufficient ventilators, testing kits, and trained staff

The spread of such a deadly virus has led to a shortage of specialists and doctors for patients who are in need of their treatment

People are consternated

The UK economy shrank by 2% in the last three months to the end of March, the biggest fall since 2008. This is one of the implications of coronavirus (Covid19).

Keep safe and stay at home to save lives.

During this pandemic, try to read five productive things to do during the lockdown.

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