Time waits for no one but it seems the world is waiting for coronavirus to get obliterated before people can go back to their normal lifestyle. 

This is a terrible time where innocent babies, children, old and young are dying from coronavirus today. A deadly pandemic that refuses to leave, but taking lives in thousands daily around the globe.

Unfortunately, millions of people have been affected globally. For example, in the UK, coronavirus (covid-19) has affected thousands of people (killing almost 30,000 people, the highest death toll in Europe) without leaving the famous people out, the prime minister, Boris Johnson, who only recovered last week after spending some time in the intensive care unit *ICU), the junior health minister, Nadine Dorries, Prince of wales and many more people including those in the frontline.



Don’t waste your time in this lockdown

While at home, take into consideration that exercising and self-evaluation are imperative factors to help you remain positive. Added to the list are reading, researching into relevant topics of your interest and focusing on how to improve.

Time doesn’t wait for anyone, which is the reason for reading the five major productive things to do in this lockdown to help people understand how far they can stretch with their abilities and talents.

You have the opportunity of turning a lot of things around during this lockdown.  Try monetising your talents and abilities or think of a project. Click the blog for various suggestions and motivational blogs.
For example how to turn a sad situation to a happy one and if struggling with a biting problem, how to solve the problems.
What positive thing are you doing in this lockdown?
Stay home and be safe to save lives.
Share and let us know what positive thing you are doing while at home.
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