A pipe-line explosion has destroyed many vehicles, properties, a school and unfortunately, claimed lives this morning, 15th March 2020.

It looks like a tipper offloading sand caught fire, that proliferated through the pipeline to vehicles, houses, a school while claimed lives. DR Femi Osayemi, the director-general of LASEMA (The  Lagos emergency management agency) confirmed that someone did vandalise the pipeline. It might have triggered the blaze after the tipper caught fire. 

Gas explosion spreads faster and broad just like a 3-year-old caused fire some time ago that claimed lives.


Buildings collapsed and burnt by fire

The fire destroyed properties, vehicles, including a school that collapsed but children have been rescued.

Areas affected by the fire include: Amuwo Odo, Abule Ado, and Ado Soba say the Lagos state fire service.

The fire is still blatantly burning seven hours (7 hours) on.

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