Two questions: How can a child who is barely 3-years old play with a cooker which led to the disaster that killed 12 people, while 4 are battling to survive in hospitals?  And,

Where was the mother when the toddler was messing with cooker?  It’s a shame that the kid was inadvertently playing with a dangerous item which claimed lives. 

When the mother heard him screaming immediately fire broke out, she picked him and his sibling, to escape from the flat.  She was unaware that the door she left opened would allow the fire to spread more quickly to other flats.  The fire spread faster than firefighters could curtail.

They said,  that fire in New York, Bonze was the deadliest in decades apart from 9/11. Some of the victims were enjoying themselves indoors and some in the bathtub before they died in there.  How devastating and traumatic for their friends and families? 

Extra safety lock is needed on cookers and stoves

Security measures should be taken where manufacturers fix extra safety locks on cookers and stoves so that kids will not be able to easily operate them. This measure is imperative, as we know toddlers are unable to detect what’s safe or unsafe!

This is the season for families and friends who are sharing love, happiness, charity, and gifts, but for those who lost their relatives in New York fire, it a grieving time for them. 

Imagine a block of flats which was one hundred years old,  brought down mistakenly by an innocent 3-year-old who has no knowledge of the repercussion?

Mothers keep an extra eye on your kids

Mothers,  please keep an eye on your kids and get used to checking on them always.  Never leave your kitchen door open for easy access. 

May souls of the departed rest peacefully. 




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