One hundred (100) children were said to be in their classrooms today while a three-storey building collapsed. People around the building went berserk as they struggle to join hands in helping them. Although, the report reached me that about twelve children have been rescued but imagine the number of lives in the building? There are 100 children or more there, plus their teachers and workers. The building contained a primary school with 100 children who were in their classes while classes were in session! Suddenly, the building collapsed. 

Onlookers and thousands of people swarmed the rescue site to watch as the rescue goes on. 



Are all the 100 children alive or not?

It is very scary at this early stage to even know how many children will be saved there. It is such an unexpected incident but can you imagine poor infrastructure and weak structural buildings in Nigeria, this deadly incident occurs frequently. This is the time for federal government President Muhammad Buhari to steps in to address such a prevalent problem. 

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